Nov 10 2018

Working With Bamboo: Cottage 1, Arunachal Pradesh

 The days are nothing.
Plant and foliage grow silently,
at night a star falls down,
a leopard leaves its footprints...* 
Working with bamboo is a wonderful experience, even more so when you’re commissioned a strong colour centric theme. Surrounded by thick, green foliage and a skirted by a roaring river, it was important to keep the style within the boundaries of the natural environment. The challenge on this project, in Arunachal Pradesh-- one of our first,  was to redo three cottages and rescue them from a horrifically  done bamboo treatment job, which had left the floor and walls a bright, neon yellow and had badly done bathrooms. The other challenge was to work out of patch of land that was completely disconnected on the communication front with erratic labour. It came together quite nicely eventually though. This is the first of the three, done in tones of mustard, orange, green and blue-- a scheme that fell into place organically with no prior plan. I've learned over the years, that this particular way of working is successful only when you have the luxury of time and a flexible client. Thankfully, both aligned fortuitously on this project and we eventually had a cottage that left both, designer and client happy.  

*Excerpt from No Dreams by Mamang Dai


More images of the makeover here
Images of site and the cottage before the redesign:



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