Jun 11 2018


 4 days to go until the monsoon arrives in Delhi. It's been a long summer and there's only so much air conditioning one can take. In anticipation of the first showers, we're putting together a short series of 'green'-- the colour that's most inspired our work. 7 posts will document the colour and it's influence on the work we do. The faded, grey-green stone of Kota, the dense, dark Ivy in Manali and  he subtle blue- green of a moth in Ziro are only a few among the multitude of  greens that have caught our attention.They've moved us enough to spend hours dying fabric and mixing paint to get the closest matches. This picture is of a home we did in Delhi and the tones on the mood-board for it. The one above is of a moth in Arunachal Pradesh-- quite a piece of art-- discovered on an evening walk. It's been saved for future colour referencing. Have you looked at the green around you and does it move you? Find the second post here:
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