Shivani Dogra has a wonderful eye for all things interior. Her deep knowledge and respect for India’s artisan traditions with a nod to our modern lives is a combination that makes for unique spaces to be proud of and to be lived in. She’s a joy to work with and I recommend her design services wholeheartedly.
-Anasuya Sanyal & Newley Purnell


Our new office in Bangalore was both lovely and odd. We had found an old but beautifully preserved bungalow with ivy covered walls overlooking a beautiful garden. The rooms, however, were several, and smallish.
My brief to Shivani was a reflection of how we thought of ourselves as a company. We did not want a very corporate look. On the other hand, we also did not want to go the ultra-casual, bean-bags-and-TT-table-route. We took beauty very seriously, but we had a limited budget. We love what Shivani has done. We love it each day that we work in this office. And invariably, visitors to our office have loved it too. The pictures are proof. What the pictures don’t show is all the effort and toil that Shivani put into making this happen. The obsessive attention to detail, the endless hours supervising the contractors to get just the right colour on a wall, and the miles of trudging up and down second hand furniture markets to choose chairs and desks that would suit her vision. When we do move to a larger space, as we must at some point, I have no doubt as to who my first choice will be for designing the interiors.
-George Karimundikal, Redstart Solutions

We wanted a quick makeover for our Living and Dining space and hired Shivani and her team to do the job. The transformation in just a month was incredible and surpassed our expectations! The colours were perfectly balanced and we love all the pieces of furniture and art that were sourced specially for us. There was so much attention to detail– every picture frame and piece of art in our house was carefully selected, the fabric was specially bought from a variety of places all over the city, because every thing in the space had to go perfectly together. We were happy to have someone pay so much attention and take so much effort to do our place. We continue to enjoy the beautiful and functional space they worked so hard to give us. Our guests love visiting!!

-Jasswinder Gandhi Arora

I had a fantastic time working with Shivani over our 6-month assignment.  My husband and I relied on Shivani to:
1) help us understand the  budget and develop a staged timeline,
2) understand our tastes and come up with a design that is appealing and is “uniquely ours” 
3) make sure the design is as beautiful as it is functional, and will be able to last for years to come, and
4) complete the project on time and within budget.
Shivani brought a tremendous amount of creativity and suggested ideas/layouts/colors that we never thought of or imagined before….and these out-of-the-box ideas were comfortable, that we never regretted implementing any of them. It’s very satisfying to walk into our house and feel like the space truly reflects our unique personalities, and not some design catalogue. 
All our friends/visitors immediately comment on the beauty , elegance and richness of our interiors, ask how it all came together and start considering hiring a designer themselves. Shivani was incredibly patient with me  to make decisions, find a time to meet, and even helped oversee furniture deliveries, paint jobs, handled tailoring, returns, and installations. Honestly, we couldn’t do it on our own without her  expertise, hard work, professionalism and kindness. She knew where to push and where to evolve her own creativity to fit our interests and taste. AND we stayed within budget. We now LOVE every room  in the house and highly recommend Shivani Dogra to anyone looking for creative, vintage and unconventional interpretations of space.
-Arti Budhiraja

Dear Shivani We are so thankful for the lovely interiors you did for our house. We have received many compliments from our guests who have visited our flat. You have cleverly and beautifully utilized most of our furniture and enhanced the space to give our house contemporary and modern look. We wish you success for your future endeavors With love Johnson,

-Seema and Sasha

Shivani has impeccable sense of aesthetics and colour combinations. With knowledge and an eye for sourcing furniture and soft furnishings, she was able to give our home the warm rustic natural look that we wanted. Her sincere and hardworking nature make her an ideal choice to give your home a whole new look.

-Namrata Goenka

It was a first time that we used an interior decorator. Our brief was to re do our living room with bright colours and the other rooms would complement them with bright colours. We wanted colour and comfort and dressing up of the bare walls. The design involved replacing an older floor, painting, minor changes to the structure and decoration. Shivani was steadfast and firm and she patiently listened to our fears and constrained herself to our budget. Shivani was very patient in each decision taken and made as aesthetic and comfortable a space as she could.  She detailed all the additional pieces we could buy to enhance the home. Her aesthetic sense is very gracious and reflects beauty and life into her work. She is very passionate and is generous with telling us about her special places to buy additional pieces. Her judgement made a big difference it streamlines our thinking and helped us to build a home on a budget. I would definitely recommend her work as its t’s very workable and she guides you expertly if you are confused.
-Patricia & Mathai Samuel

Shivani worked on two Briar Tea Bungalows, Stanmore and Sirukundra. Both Bungalows had different styles of architecture which her designs did credit to. In Sirukundra Bungalow she created  an ambience inspired by botanicals and the natural history of Valparai. Sirukundra is now filled with colours in every hue, florals and natural materials– a delight to all that visit! In the other, Stanmore she decorated the space with well researched historical plantation influences. She recovered old painted wood fireplaces and mouldings to reveal the wood underneath and used utmost care to look into small details such as switch boards and accessories. From cutlery to crockery and wall hangings every details was carefully looked into and chosen. The  hard work and the transformation behind these bungalows was extraordinary. All our visitors and guests enjoy their stay and compliment the beautiful ambience created. We look forward to future collaborations with Shivani.

-Tharani Tharan. T
Sr.Manager – Hospitality, Briar Tea Bungalows

We run an Event Management company and had a very ordinary office–very regular, but Shivani turned it around in a really great way. It’s vibrant and inviting now! ANYONE that comes into our office now remarks “Vikas you have a great office.”

– Vikas Suda, MD vdoit4u

Shivani was part of a team that helped decorate 6 old classroom blocks on the Scindia School Campus. Each block was first restored by Ajaydeep Singh Jamwal and Neeraj Bhagat to whose meticulous work, she added another dimension. Her designs added colour, style, life into the old buildings in keeping with their stately structure. The transformation from old to new was tremendous and hard work executed by the three is evident in every studio. The work received great deserved praise during the inauguration– appreciated by visitors, guests, students and staff alike. Today they offer a comfortable and beautiful stay to all who visit.

-Madhav Saraswat, Principal, Scindia School