About Us

Shivani Dogra is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in New Delhi, India. We restore deteriorating, forgotten places with respect and fill new spaces with vibrance. Communicating through the language of colour, careful curation and the creative use of natural material, the spaces we create are warm,  soulful and informed.  From rooms decorated simply, to those layered with texture, pattern and colour, each of our projects is unique– formed by the individual owners perspective and driven by our passion for beauty & harmony. Our association with some of the finest traditional craftspersons ensures all our work is intimate, rich with feeling and one of a kind. 


  • Recent Residential Project
  • Recent Residential Project
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Shivani has a passion for India’s visual traditions and the inspiring power of colour. This, coupled with the desire to renew and repair untended spaces has long remained among her foremost interests. It motivated childhood musings of the vibrant redesign of a dour classroom, the refurbishment of a neglected mid century family house and the vivid makeover of  a stern school hallway. Today  she may have outgrown those dreams, but her excitement for colour and restoration remains. 10 years of travel through India on work for film and radio brought her in contact with the country’s diverse cultures & landscapes. She was influenced & delighted by the way people everywhere created beauty with colour; the cheery flamingo-pink of a school house amid tin shanties in a Mumbai slum; the brilliant green of a beautifully tended garden within a dusty Delhi wholesale market– colour transformed and uplifted! As she traversed rural stretches of the country, she was also moved by the elegance of dwellings simply constructed from materials found in nature, ornamented with handmade crafts. They reminded her of the warm, earthy tones that surrounded her growing up between the Nilgiris and Periyar– districts in Southern India that were replete with natural and architectural heritage. These myriad influences led to the growth of a design studio that promotes home grown design, spaces that bring nature in & organic textures. Shivani heads the creative effort at the studio; she continues to travel, discover and be guided by the seemingly ever changing, yet immutable spirit of India


Every project involves the effort of dedicated assistant designers, workmen, contractors, organisers and artists.  From research to design, sourcing  and execution the team ensures that every attempt goes into making your space one of a kind. 


We’ve collaborated with architectural firms, conservationists, artists, technicians, landscapers and horticulturists  on projects that have required these services. 


A part of our earnings go toward organisations that work with the homeless in India and animal shelters. Please follow the links, should you wish to contribute directly to them.